Why You Need an Agent as a Seller in This Market

Here are my answers to common questions from potential sellers.

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Today I’m answering some common questions I’ve been getting from potential sellers in this crazy market:

1. Why do I need an agent in this market? People think that because this market’s so red-hot and there are buyers everywhere they can just list their property as for-sale-by-owner and have tons of offers. In my experience, you need to expose your house to the most buyers possible. Your house also needs to be on the MLS, and you need to hire a great agent to get you through all the hiccups that come along the way. They will help you expose your home to the market, price it correctly, prepare for closing, and help you get it set up with a title company.

Get an agent who has a thorough understanding of where we are in the market right now.

2. How do I determine who’s the right agent to help me? Find a trustworthy agent. Maybe it’s an agent that has been referred to you and vetted. You need to make sure they’re not just a great salesman, but also have experienced multiple-offer situations, have been in the market long enough to understand how things work, how to negotiate multiple offers, how to present those offers to you in a meaningful way, and how to price your house correctly.

Even though the market is kind of nuts and things are selling for over list price, if you price too high, your house is going to sit. Get an agent who has a thorough understanding of where we are in the market right now.

I’ve been in real estate since 2005, so this is my 16th year in the business. I can help you price correctly and negotiate in multiple-offer situations so that you get the best price on the best terms in the time frame that you desire.

I’d welcome the opportunity to speak with you to see whether we’re a good fit. If you have any other questions, please contact me at 608-212-5743. Feel free to leave a Text—that is the best way to reach me. Have a great day.

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