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Sold and Expired MLS Listings - December 2013

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Monthly Trend - Madison Area Single Family Homes

December 2013 sales volume for Dane County homes increased from the sales volume registered in December of 2012. The number of expired listings decreased.

A total of 334 Dane County homes sold in December compared to 298 homes in December of 2012 - an increase of 12.1%. Meanwhile 188 Dane County listings expired in December, compared to 204 in December of 2012 – a decrease of 7.8%.

The graph below shows monthly sales volume dating back to January, 2005. Each green data point represents a volume increase from the same month of the prior year. Each red data point represents a volume decrease.

Home sales have now met or exceeded the sales volume from the same month of the previous year for 29 out of the last 30 months. Also note the seasonality in sales volume. Roughly 75% of all home sales occur during the months that span from March to September.

The following graph shows the monthly expired listing volume dating back to January, 2005. Each green data point represents an expired listing volume decrease from the same month of the prior year. Each red data point represents an increase. Expired listings have decreased on a year-over-year basis for 27 straight months.

Year-to-Date Trend - Madison Area Single Family Homes

Dane County year-to-date sales volume through the month of December increased by 21% from the year-to-date total from 2012, while the number of expired listings decreased by 24.6%.

A total of 5,714 Dane County homes sold through the month of December, compared to 4,723 during the same time period in 2012. A total of 2,040 listings expired through the month of December, compared to 2,707 in 2012.

Recent History - Single Family Homes

From the graph below you'll see the 2013 sales volume for single family homes reached its highest level since 2005. Expired listings dropped to their lowest level since 2004. With more sales and fewer expired listings, 2013 was a great year for Dane County home sellers. 


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